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With big bass in the mix!!!!
26 May 2010

 Today I went 3-5 miles off shore to find macks to re-stock my freezer. They responded to the chum and were plentiful!! I also saw 5 to 6, 15-20# striped bass come to the boat trying to get the macks off my sabiki rigs. It will get your blood pumping to see two 20# bass fighting over a struggling mackerel on a jig!! I also had a fair amout of bird activity around  the boat with bass pushing bait to the surface. If I could see 5-6 bass, just imagine how many there were just out of sight!!!

 There is a ton of bait "outside" right now between herring (4-5" and adult), sand eels and mackerel. It will be hard for those better bass to leave such easy food. Normally the east wind, which is forcast, will push the small bait inshore and the mackerel will follow that bait and the stripers will follow them. Once the stripers find all of the food at the mouth of the river, they will stay. We are lagging a few days behind last year but I do not buy into the doom and gloom that we are running out of striped bass. Yes, there are fewer small, suicidal schoolies in the bays & beach fronts. But many have simply grown up and behave differently. We need to adjust our goals of 20-30 fish days to several quality fish days and adjust the methods to catch them.

  If you are planning to go out to find these bigger bass remember that it is illeagle to retain or even fish for striped bass beyond the 3 mile line. What used to be over looked as  a small indiscretion is no longer and the Coast Guard can and will retain you until an Enviromental Police Officer comes to site you for illeagle fishing. Personally, I do not think it is worth going through the hassel, fine or (for me) embarrassment. So be certain you are fishing inside the 3 mile line and a GPS chart plotter is the only way to be certain if you are fishing close to the line. If you want to learn how to fish for these bigger fish, contact me and we can set up a charter. I can get you through the learning curve a lot faster that you can figure it out on your own. 

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

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