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1 Apr 2013

 The sun was out, it felt very good and suddenly taking the cover off the boat seemed a lot more important than raking the lawn! For me this is what pushes me over the edge. I can clean gear, make rigs & tie leaders on new circle hooks, but when the cover comes off, the day dreams start. I also wake up in the middle of the night & cannot get back to sleep "because I'm fishing". Trust me I've fought, caught or lost a lot of very nice fish at two in the morning! The adrenaline starts flowing & all hope for sleep is gone! Soon I will be able to just get out of bed and go fishing!

 I've heard a lot of discussion about the "new sand bars" in front of the Merrimack River. I've been on the beach as well as the parking lot in Salisbury State Park and I cannot tell what has happened. I spoke with a marine mechanic I know who has been water testing boats out the river. He did not notice anything drastically different but did not have working electronics on board either. Time will tell. We can either panic about what cannot be changed or look for the new fishing opportunities the shifting sand will bring us for 2013.

 I'm looking forward to a little cod fishing again this year to get my season started. I will not be chartering just getting my sea legs back and fishing with a few charter buddies before we get to busy to enjoy what we all love to do ourselves. I'll report back when I find a few fish just in case any of you want to try in your own boats.

 In 2012 I found my first stripers on May 7. I will be out every few days starting May first to get my first in 2013. I am fully aware that other captains and recreational fishers will get one before I do. All that really matters is that I get one before my buddy Pete. Preferably on a school day, when he is at work! Yes, I am evil.

 If anyone reading this is thinking about a charter on Summer Job, June is getting booked up. I do have a few mid week days open and I am taking reservations for July.  For some reason many believe that June is the only month to fish for striped bass. I many respects, this is good because the boat traffic is in fact lighter on the Merrimack River. The sun is stronger & warmer and all you have to do is look at my web site to see that there are some very nice bass taken in broad daylight in July! If I had a dollar for every day I fishied in rain gear & wool socks in June................................

The marina re-opens in 6 weeks!!!

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

Fishing Newburyport

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