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26 Jun 2014

 The fishing is continuing to plod along. Not what you would expect me to say or what we all want to hear, but true. Once you get your mind around the fact that it not going to be a great as last year, (which was epic!) fishing can be fun again! With the exception of a bad decision on my part a few days ago, I have been able to pick up a few fish every trip with 1-3 keepers in the mix. Within the past 3-4 days there have been some very bright spots for a few hours of a tide and it is like last year all over. My friend Bob caught 6-8 fish with one 32-34"s and another 37 POUNDS on a 2 hour trip!! Last nights incoming tide was good as well as this morning early tide. The big fish seem to be dropping back out of the river systems with the river herring.

 The water temps keep fluctuating but seem to be on a slow, steady climb to summertime warmth. Mackerel are available, even plentiful, but it usually is a morning ritual using plenty of chum & good sabiki rigs. Also do not get hung up on only going to Breaking Rock! It can be good but bring enough chum in case you need to try another area. Fresh bait is the key to catching better bass.

 I have not seen many surface feeds in the past week but it is always good to watch for birds. There have been days when there are fish under them but not splashing on the top water. There are few things more fun than a striper hitting a well presented plug or jig so always have a rod at the ready.

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

Fishing Newburyport

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Fishing Newburyport

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