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6 Feb 2015

 Well we are into February and what started out as a cold winter has turned into a very snowy winter too! For me this is not a bad thing as I sell cold weather gear to ski shops & sporting goods stores, but I can still miss the boat! Summer Job will be back in the water in 12-13 weeks, searching out our first schoolie striped bass of the season! Actually, some of those "schoolies" that came out of the record setting 2011 year class are growing up. This could be a great early season.

 Last summer I upgraded my old Lowrance 10" 111hd electronics & LRS 1500 radar for the new Gen2 10" HD unit with a new 3G  HD Radar. The plan is to add the new Lowrance auto pilot this year which will also give me the advantage of Radar overlay on my chart plotter. Safety, safety, safety is my motto. This will be my 17th charter season and I work solo. To be able to take my hand off the wheel for a minute & know I will not be turning off track or the radar/ plotter overlay confirming I am on a safe course in the fog will definitely take some of the stress out of a charter. It's like having a very trusted mate on board that is never late and takes up no deck space!

 I'll also be up grading a lot of my bass tackle over the winter. I "tested" (think abused) some new rods & reels last summer and they stood up to the use. I've also decides to add a few more live bait spin reels to the mix. I will do anything to help my customers catch more fish and enjoy their day on the Summer Job. Last summer there were stripers in the river but not in the numbers we have become accustom to. The key to turning a good day into a great day is to capitalize on every opportunity. I realize that it can be difficult for a non-professional, aka average charter customer, to stay completely focused in between strikes so I'm adding another style of gear to help. No charter captain wants to be a zero when he can be the hero of the day.

 Last of all. I've noticed more & more hits on my web site so I know many of you are getting eager for fishing. I heard from a gentleman the other day who has moved back to the area and booked a trip so he can be sure to get out & fish on the day he wants. There are only so many weekend days in June & July so if you are thinking about fishing, it is never to early to plan a day on the water. You will be walking down the dock before you know it and Summer Job will be there waiting. All waxed up and ready to go. I'll be there too, she can't have all the fun!

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

Fishing Newburyport

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