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9 Jun 2016

 Just when the fishing was getting to the best level in a couple of years, the wind gods decided to taunt us! It blew so hard yesterday I was forced to anchor while bait fishing and at times, the wind blew so hard all of the rods & rigging were "humming'! I was fishing solo, prepping for todays charter, but ultimately decided to reschedule the trip instead. Aside from the safety factor, it would not have been fun and that is what fishing is all about!

 I've been finding fish consistently on live bait. I made a conscious decision to stop chasing the micro bass and have been live lining mackerel. The really good news is that some of my old "fishy" places are producing stripers again! I'll never understand why last years hot spot is the next years dud, but it happens. The trick is to keep going back and and 'touching" those good old places until their time comes around again. It also helps to have a network of talented fisherman friends so you can divide the work up into manageable blocks of water too.

 While there have been a lot of mackerel around, lately most have been large to jumbo fish! The majority of stripers in our waters cannot handle that size bait. So it was a treat last Tuesday to find mackerel and about 30% of them were tinkers! Nice bite sized striper candy :)).

 I stopped outside the mouth on the incoming tide and dropped a tinker, which turned into a 25" striper. Fun times so I did it again, same results! But there were also swirls & diving birds so I broke out the spin rod. I was using a jig w/ sluggo and caught fish after fish from 23"s to 281/2"s. I have not seen that size fish in those number in a while & it was fun!!

 I know you should never leave fish to find fish, but that is what I do.........  I drifted between the jetty's w/ mackerel and picked up a few more fish! Then I moved up river a bit & found them there too!! I had more places I wanted to check out but the predicted thunder storms were coming and basically, I'm a coward so I went home. HAPPY!

 Now I just have to wait for the wind to die down. Friday is looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good fishing


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