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23 Jul 2017

 I am just about at the half way point in my fishing season. I fish May 15 to October 15, that is 22 weeks and we are at week 10. As a fisherman I am always optimistic. I know there are fish out there, I just have to find them. I just read that the fishing is getting a little harder for the beach guys. I can understand that because I am putting up to 50 miles a day on my boat. But that is what it takes for me to produce fish for my clients and I hate not catching fish!   

 Typically the bait is found in the "wrong" direction. Breaking rock, the bubbler or Hampton Shoal Ledge. My crystal ball is still in the shop being fixed so I usually start at the farthest point away and work back. The last 3 days the macks have been on the ledge.

 The Merrimack River mouth is still full of stripers on the outgoing tide. We had a real good run of fish off Joppa Flats on the incoming tide but that seems to have dried up for now. Joppa is producing but the fish can be real spooky so stay in stealth mode. Do not forget to work the sand bars on either side of the mouth at flat tide to incoming!! I have had some real "day savers" trolling the northern sand bar away from all of the other boats! The Parker is also doing well but hard to get to.

 The real sharpies are using pogies. The pogies (menhaden) have been around for a while now and they do produce big fish! It takes a 32" bass to even try to eat one so let your imagination run with that possibility!! The flip side is that you have to commit to big fish only. Most casual fishermen cannot relate to fishing all day for 1 or 2 fish. A friend of mine caught 3 fish yesterday but one was 55 pounds!! I was all proud of myself with a 39", 23# fish yesterday & then heard about that fish which could have eaten mine for lunch!

 For you bluefish fans............  I caught one bluefish in the mouth of the Merrimack on July 17th. I'm actually surprised we do not have more. The water temps briefly reached 70 degrees in Ipswich Bay and there is plenty of bait. I guess the Salem witches have scared them off and they are staying in Boston Harbor for now.

Good fishing

Capt. Scott





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