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Merrimack River Report > The bluefish are back!
The bluefish are back!

Sep 10, 2011

Irene's murky water is still coming down the Merrimack, not quite as bad, but still brownish. Katia's big swells have dissipated too and I got out today! The bluefish are back and hungry! I was pulling plugs and had a couple of doubles. Always fun when fishing alone. Just to add a degree of difficulty I had to wrestle one back from a good sized seal! The fish he wanted was still attached to my plug, one that was working real well, and I wanted it back! I tried to get a photo of the culprit but he took off before I could reel in & focus the camera.

I also had 2 first hand reports of tuna chasing mackerel or bluefish just off the beach! Getting spooled by a tuna in 50' of water would definitely get you heart rate up!!

So it is looking like we are back in business for a few more weeks! Come on down, the water is fine, and so is the fishing.

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

Fishing Newburyport

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