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Plum Island Surfcasters Seminar

Mar 19, 2016

We are down to 8 weeks until the season starts and I am real excited about being in the single digits of time to fish! The countdown started at 30 weeks so we are 74% of the way to being back on the water.

I would love to be giving fishing reports but the only thing I have for now is optimism. The water continues to warm up and I've heard of stripers being caught in Boston Harbor, Martha's Vineyard and farther south. I'm sure they are hold over fish but they are stripers! I've also read reports of herring holding just outside the rivers. "Normally" herring wait until the water temps are 50 degrees to go up stream to spawn. After this storm on Monday w/ it's cold snap the temps go back up to the 50's & 60's and they should start heading up stream. Even if they hold "outside" for a while, it should still bring some bass with them from down south.

If I cannot fish I like to hang out with people who love to fish & talk fishing! I will be at the Plum Island Surfcasters meeting on April 19th. I will be giving a presentation on Fishing the Merrimack River with Live & Cut bait. I'll cover how I prep for the season, how I catch mackerel, places where to catch bait and finally some spots to introduce the mackerel to new friends, stripers :)) I'll also talk a little about chumming & chunking. If you want to come but are not a member, there is a small cover charge which would be waved if you join the club. I have been a member since 1986. I moved to the Newburyport area in 1980 and had never caught a striper! I credit the Plum Island Surfcasters with giving me enough knowledge to get started and then help fine tune my abilities as a fisherman.

For more information on the Plum Island Surfcasters and directions to the meeting go to the following link

Or if you are at Surfland Bait & Tackle, just ask them about the club. They have been huge supporters of the club & it's members for many years.

If you have a child who wants to learn to fish there is an excellent kids fishing program run by club members. I'm sure that by bring your child, you will learn a few tricks yourself!

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

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