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 August is starting off very well! In fact this is my 2nd best August since 2001 and we are only into week two! There are very few bluefish around so the bait (mackerel) is challenging but available. We also have a lot of sand eels and small herring dropping out of the river so the stripers are feeding very aggressively. I have seen surface feeds lastly 20 minutes or until someone drives over them. Artificial's work and the fly guys are hitting them but a well placed mackerel will pull the better bass out of the pack every time!

 What better way to finish out the summer than to go on a charter and catch a nice memory and dinner too! I have a few days open this week but next week is blocked out for my family. I am gladly giving up my "Captain" title for Papa Scott and spending a little time with my grand daughters.

Good fishing

Capt. Scott

"Full time since '99"

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